Wednesday, October 31, 2012

#3. Veneficas

Happy Halloween, folks! :) 
Again, I am being envious of people who live in countries celebrating Halloween. They get to wear costumes, go to parties and look absolutely creepy or ridiculous (or both at the same time!), which is super awesome since I love dressing up.  But I myself am a hat away from looking like a witch, LOL, I mean just look at my hair.

Another outfit post in Mango's autumn/winter collection! What I love about Mango is their clothes (dresses, tops, blazers, you name it) are somehow designed to give some curves to your body. Even if you have muffin tops (aka fat!) you'll still look thin, which is super awesome. I'm not thin, I don't have the perfect body, I'm short, quite fat, I have huge ass and thighs, but I still look great & sexy in this dress hahahahahah! (it isn't wrong complimenting myself, right?)

 Ring & Earrings by (X) S.M.L
(by the way, (X) S.M.L is a brand originated from Indonesia & created by the talented designer Priyo Oktaviano. Their accesories are simply the best <333)

Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Nightwalker

Currently listening to Inception Soundtrack (the whole album) because Hans Zimmer is pure epic. Speaking of Inception, I know all of you have watched it. I actually have watched it a few times, more than 5 times I guess? I even dream like one, you know LOL. In Inception, the characters' kick was a classic song, mine sadly was the sound of my alarm clock :(

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  1. hey there :) came across your blog through Joshua's blog and I must admit you have a great sense of fashion...i love your outfit and the shoe is it!!! Totally agree with you with MANGO collection...its absolutely fab..

    Do drop by whenever you can in our blog...would love to stay in touch ...Following you now...happy week ahead!!!

    Mimi (Mimzy's Closet)