Sunday, October 28, 2012

#2. Nox Aeterna

Hi, I'm here for my second outfit post :) Thanks by the way for the support! I really appreciate the great comments, I'm sure you are all great people. *hugs & kisses* I notice that my blog is still a mess, lack of widgets & stuff, so please do comment, give criticism and advice on how to make this blog a better site to visit :)

Anyways, I'm participating in Mango Street Community contest in my town, where you have to wear at least one garment from Mango's autumn/winter collection, so yes, I will be posting clothes from Mango today (and the next post too). I really thought that modelling (or taking pictures where you have to look cool or professional in this case) was easy, but it's not! Wearing such thick clothes in a really hot weather is not easy especially when you keep sweating and eventually ruin the makeup. Well, beauty has a price. It sucks though living in a tropical country like Indonesia, you just can't wear thick coats, thick boots, thick scarves, or anything thick like people who live in countries with four season do :( I love wearing jackets & blazers, but it's a bit impossible to do these days. I know I keep complaining about the weather, please bear with me. Pictures were all taken by my sister Camila Amanda. Enjoy!



  Blazer by Mango; Sequined Tanktop by Banana Republic; Legging by Zara; Sunglasses by Swarovski

Various brands of jewellery 

Shoes by Geox (loving the hidden heels and sequined top )

Currently listening to Diamonds by Rihanna, such a lovely song.

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