Thursday, December 13, 2012

#4. Bittersweet

I've been busy with college stuff, I don't even have time to pamper myself.

Anyway, my finals are over so I have some time to take some photos (yay~). And yes, this is another outfit post. It's currently rainy season in Indonesia, so it's quite chilly, thus it gave me an idea of putting some thick clothes on in this shoot :D Sorry for the crappy pictures though, did it myself using a tripod since I was home alone.

Fur Vest by Zara ; Plaids by Mango ; Fur Boots by Hotter

Wouldn't it be great if Indonesia has winter? You get to wear fur jackets, coats, boots, and layers & layers of clothes without looking stupid. *daydream

PS: I ordered Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike last November (loving Black Friday sale booyah!), they'll be in the palm of hands by next week! <3

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